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70 Years of The Sun Sound Volume 02

Rockstar Records Limited, Cork, Ireland

Sister labels:

Rhythm Bomb Records – Koko-Mojo Records – Atomicat Records

Pan American Records – Richard Weize Archives

Album: 70 Years of The  Sun Sound Volume 02

Sub-Title: The R&B Performers

Label: Koko Mojo (KM-CD-154)

Songs: Thirty

Compilation/ re-issue Producer: Mark Armstrong

Sleeve notes: Mark Armstrong

Artwork: Urban Zotel

Mastering: The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso Texas

Filed under: Rhythm & Blues, Blues, Rock ‘n’ Roll

Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated”

“Rhythm & Blues Memphis Style.”


 “Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-154) 70 Years of The  Sun Sound Volume 02 is the second tribute to Florence, Alabama-bred Samuel (Sam) Cornelius Phillips. The album looks at his labels; Sun, Flip and Phillips International, with the spotlight being shone upon the R&B Performers.”

On 3 January 1950, Phillips opened the Memphis Recording Service at 706 Union Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee, and two years later in February 1952 the Sun Record Company was formed. In the summer of 1958 Phillips brought property on 639 Madison Avenue in Memphis a few blocks from his old studio because the original studio outgrew its Union Avenue location. The Sam Phillips Recording Service 639 Madison Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee,  opened in 1960. Phillips in 1961 through to 1964 opened a studio in Nashville located in the Cumberland Lodge building.

Koko Mojo  (KM-CD-154) 70 Years Of The  Sun Sound Volume 02 “The R&B Performers” looks at the 70-year history of Phillips labels. The album by design does not feature the household names which are catered for on numerous other compilations. The album looks at the artists who had often one release or faded from public view but left behind a musical legacy. The album is in a chronological year order from 1953 through to 1963. The recordings shuffled around to balance the style and enhance the listening pleasure, and the concept is focused upon  titles released on 78 and 45 RPM and includes some album tracks.

The featured Negro acts include; Rufus “Hound Dog” Thomas Jr., Bear Cat (The Answer To Hound Dog) and Tiger Man, which Elvis Presley also recorded, Little Junior’s Blue Flames provide  Feelin’ Good, and Love My Baby which became a rockabilly classic when covered by Hayden Thompson (see ACCD113). The versatile Billy “The Kid” Emerson offers several different approaches to R&B music with, The Woodchuck, Move Baby Move, Something For Nothing, and  Red Hot, which became a rockabilly classic when Billy Riley and Bob Luman recorded it. The left-handed one-man blues musician Doctor Ross offers the jumping, Chicago Breakdown  and The Boogie Disease, Rosco Gordon indulges in R&B and rockabilly with, Love For You  Baby, Shoobie Oobie, Cheese And Crackers (from the pen of Hayden Thompson) and Sally Jo. The variety is heightened with the inclusion of; future member of the Drifters Bill Pinkey, the legendary, James Cotton, the Jackie Wilson-ish  Freddie North, Jeb Stuart and The Chippers go country, Frank Frost uses the guitar skills of Roland Janes and Frank Ballard with Phillip Reynolds Band conclude the fun.

The series is compiled by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong, and designed by artist and musician Urban Zotel, and the Atomicat-sound is achieved by our mastering team at The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso Texas. The album is ideal for Dee Jays to fill the dance floor with, and for home listening or while cruising around.  All that remains is to say, “crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.

Our albums have; stunning design, sleeve notes, songs mastered for the best possible sound. The disc is housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated”

Dee Jay Mark Armstrong  Bühl, Germany


Full Version (KM-CD-154) Koko Mojo 70 Years Of The  Sun Sound Volume 02 The R&B Performers

01 Rufus “Hound Dog” Thomas Jr. Bear Cat (The Answer To Hound Dog) (Phillips) Sun 181 – 1953

02 Big Memphis MaRainey with The Onzie Horne Combo Baby, No, No (Keisker, Addington) Sun 184 – 1953

03 Little Junior’s Blue Flames Feelin’ Good (Parker) Sun 187 – 1953

04 Doctor Ross Chicago Breakdown (Ross) Sun 193 – 1953

05 Little Junior’s Blue Flames Love My Baby (Parker) Sun 192 – 1953

06 Joe Hill Louis We All Gotta Go Sometime (Louis) Sun 178 – 1953

07 Willie Nix The Memphis Blues Boy Baker Shop Boogie (Phillips, Nix) Sun 197 – 1953

08 Rufus Thomas Jr. Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle) Sun 188 – 1953

09 Billy (The Kid) Emerson The Woodchuck (Emerson) Sun 202 – 1954

10 Doctor Ross The Boogie Disease (Ross) Sun 212 – 1954

11 James Cotton Hold Me In Your Arms (Cotton)  Sun 199 – 1954

12 Hot Shot Love Harmonica Jam (Love) Sun 196 – 1954

13 Little Milton  If You Love Me  (Campbell) Sun 200 – 1954

14 James Cotton My Baby (Cotton) Sun 206 – 1954

15 Rosco Gordon Love For You  Baby (Gordon) Flip 237 – 1955

16 Sammy Lewis with Willie Johnson I Feel So Worried (no writer credit) Sun 218 – 1955

17 Billy “The Kid” Emerson Move Baby Move (Emerson) Sun 214 – 1955

18 The Five Tinos Don’t Do That! (Tinos) Sun 222 – 1955

19 Billy “The Kid” Emerson Red Hot (Emerson)  Sun 219 – 1955

20 Rosco Gordon Shoobie Oobie (Gordon)  Sun 257 – 1956

21 Billy “The Kid” Emerson Something For Nothing (Emerson) Sun 233 – 1956

22 Rosco Gordon Cheese And Crackers (Thompson) Sun 257 – 1956

23 Bill Pinky and The Turks After The Hop (Justis, Pinkney) Phillips International 3524 – 1958

24 Bill Pinky and The Turks Sally’s Got A Sister (Pinkney) Phillips International 3524 – 1958

25 Rosco Gordon Sally Jo (Phillips, Gordon) Sun 305 – 1958

26  Freddie North Don’t Make Me Cry (Stevens) Phillips International 3574 -1961

27 Jeb Stuart and The Chippers I Ain’t Never (Tillis, Pierce) Phillips International 3580 – 1962

28 Frank Frost Crawlback (Frost) Phillips International 3574 – 1962

29 Frank Frost with The Nighthawks Now What You Gonna Do (Frost) Phillips International LP 1975 – 1962

30 Frank Ballard with Phillip Reynolds Band You Gotta Learn To Rock And Roll (Ballard, Reynolds) Phillips International LP 1985 – 1962 March