TARDIVE DYSKINESIA – Prehistoric Man (New Song/Rough Mix)

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure we are presenting one of our new tracks that will be part of our upcoming 3rd album “Static Apathy in Fast Forward”, which is due in 2012. The track is called “Prehistoric Man”. This is a rough mix by our guitarist and producer Steve Lado, also in charge of the final mix and mastering of the entire album. We can’t say for sure that this track will be characteristic of the whole record, but right from the first listen you’ll realize there’s a lot of new elements and experimentation as well as quite a few surprises! We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do! The best is yet to come… stay tuned! TD

Listen “Prehistoric Man” here:
TARDIVE DYSKINESIA – Prehistoric Man (New Song/Rough Mix)
Static Apathy in Fast Forward
 Track lIst
1. Indicator
2. Empty Frames
3. The Chase Home
4. Smells Like Fraud
5. Time Turns Planets
6. Prehistoric Man
7. Circling Around the Unknown
8. We, the Cancer
9. Failed Document
10. Limiting the Universe