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Surf Rock Mayhem V στο Αn club

Surf Rock Mayhem V

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Το γνωστό φεστιβάλ επιστρέφει στο Αν club (Σολωμού 13-15 Αθήνα) την Παρασκευή 18 Μαρτίου με την συμμετοχή των εκρηκτικών Σέρβων Threesome για πρώτη φορά στην Ελλάδα. Μαζί τους τρία ελληνικά συγκροτήματα με ιδιαίτερη και δυναμική παρουσία στη Surf σκηνή, Dirty Fuse, The Titanics, The Aqua Barons.
Μην το χάσετε!!!
Ώρα: 21:30
Είσοδος 7 Ευρώ.


Threesome is a new Serbian combo that delivers the sound of explosive surf punk that doesn’t care much about time or place.
Uroš Milkić – Guitars
Petar Živić – Bass
Jovana Petrović – Drums

2010. THREESOME EP – SuperSizeShe (Serbia)
2010. “Wahine” – FEMIX (kompilacija)- Femix (Serbia)
2011. “First Wave” – KOMPOT (kompilacija)- PotLista (Croatia)
2011. “Adriatica” LP 12″ (album) – Demo Fest (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
2011. “Adriatica” CD and iTunes (album) – Double Crown Records (USA)
2012. “Man Zero/Threesome” Split EP – Guranje S Litice (Croatia)
2013. “Adriatica” cassette – Cincope (Argentina)
2014. “On Tour” CD-EP – Double Crown Records (USA)

Dirty Fuse
Dirty Fuse were formed in 2008 by guitarist Duda Victor and drummer Chris Kogios in order to explore the frenzied world of surf rock. Mainly influenced by Dick Dale, Ventures, Atlantics, Ramones and Television, their music is based on old school ’60s surf music, channeled through the energy of garage and punk rock. As a trio (Guitar-bass-drums) begin wandering the live bars and venues of Athens playing mostly their own music. After a few lineup changes in mid 2009 they recorded their first songs which will be released a year later on 7″ vinyl “Lost Riders”. During 2010, Manos Kisamitakis (saxophone) John Drake (bass) and Kostas Bakoulas (guitar) added to the band, along with Duda Victor and Chris Kogios. In 2012 Dirty Fuse released a self-titled, full-length CD including the track “Sunset Beach” (a surf cover of V. Tsistanis’ “Akroyalies Dilina”) which meets great acceptance by DJs and radio producers (voted #47 of the 101 best surf tracks worldwide since the ’70s by the listeners of North Sea Surf Radio and the members of the forum). In 2013 the band released a 10″ vinyl titled “Surfbetika!” with 7 rebetika songs surfed up! (voted #60 of the 101 best surf albums worldwide since the ’70s by the listeners of North Sea Surf Radio and the members forum). In October 2014 “last wave” released by Deep Eddy Records(USA).The bands brand new album includes two previously unreleased tracks by Jim Skiathitis (The Atlantics). On March 2015 Duda Victor returns to Brazil and guitarist Eri Kapetanaki joins the band. On August 2015 following a succesfull tour in Crete, guitarist Kostas Bakoulas departs. The band plays on with Chris Kogios(drums), Manos Kisamitakis(Saxophone), John Drake(bass) and Eri Kapetanaki(guitar). Continuous shows and dynamic live presence became Dirty Fuse’s trademark throughout the years.
Dirty Fuse’s significant timeline marks are their appearance with The Atlantics in Greece for two shows on July 2013, North Sea Surf Festival in Amsterdam on September 2014, Surfer Joe Summer Festival in Italy [2012], their appearance with The Fleshtones in Athens on July 2014, the arranging of Surf Rock Mayhem (the first all-surf-music live event at Bios) [2013], following a series of successful events, the July 2015 fest is headlined by Daikaiju, the first ever american surf instro band to play Greece. Dirty Fuse also appear on several various artist releases, Continental Magazine [USA, 2012], the OST listing of «Welcome to the show (The musical heritage of Pavlos Sidiropoulos)» [2013],the OST listing of «Yusef’s Song» [2014], Unsigned United [2009] and the first all Greek bands compilation «Search For Atlantis»[2014].

Lost Riders, 7 “EP (2010, self-released)
Dirty Fuse, CD (2012, Green Cookie Records)
Surfbetika!, 10 “EP (2013, Green Cookie Records)
last wave, CD/LP (2014, Deep Eddy Records, Ikaros Records/B-otherside Records)
Back to Brazil (2015 self released)

The Titanics
The Titanics remain true to the pure sounds of 1960’s surf, although the compositions themselves see no such limitations.
Dimitri H. – Bass,
Dimitris T. – Drums,
Manolis Frantic – Organ,
Peri Samosurfer – Guitar


The Aqua Barons The Aqua Barons were formed in January 2010 in Corinth. Their love for traditional surf sound, with guitars drenched with reverb and fuzz, coming from true vintage equipment is their trademark. They appear in the all Greek surf bands compilation “Search for Atlantis” (2014) with two tracks. “Surfer Joe festival 2015” in Italy follows and their debut album is about to be released in 2016 from Green Cookie Records.
Petros Sotiropoulos: guitar,
Antonis Ballis: bass,
Ilias Athanasopoulos: drums