High Tech Meditation 2012

Entheogenics Music & DarkNet Promotion presents: High Tech Meditation 2012

24 Hours on the Beach Party!!!
With the most special Live acts in summer!!

First time in Greece

Will o Wisp – Live (Dark Prisma Rec)

Kasatka – Live (Alice-D)

Jesus Raves – Live (Ultiva Rec)

Demoniac Insomniac – Live (Active Meditation)

mEON (Entheogenics Music / Alice-D / HSSR)

Pupsidelic – Live (Entheogenics Music / Eleusis Rec)

Oudi – DJ Set (Psyculture Festival 3)

Goblin Toklin – DJ Set (Plegma Rec )

Techspex – DJ Set (Entheogenics Music )

Parasite effect – Dj Set (Entheogenics Music)

CRX – Dj Set (HSSR)

+ More !!!

Starts at 16.00 midday 23 June / Ends at 16.00 midday 24 June

Entrance : 20 Euro
Presale : 15 Euro

>>> ONLINE PRESALE : http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3540713369

Tickets presales spots :
* Athens : 7 Sins Club (Themistokleous & Gamveta 5, Kanigos Square)

24 KW Crystal Clear Sound System for your oral pleasure
Full Bar + Restaurant
Chai Shop
Rakomelo Stall
CD and psychedelic wear Market
Street performers
Stage Deco

Supported by:
Darkpsy Greece
Darkpsy International
Psyculture Festival
Still Dreaming Festival
DARK-NET Promotion

Info at Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/events/437281316288428/


Where is the High Tech Meditation 2012 ?
HIGH TECH MEDITATION 2012 is LOCATED AT THE SAME PLACE WITH The Psyculture Festival , that is located in Kavala, Tower of Apollonia – Eleutherwn, 129km from Thessaloniki, Greece.
It is situated in a beautiful place next to an amazing beach with clear blue water.

How to get there ?

From Thessaloniki
Take the Lagkada str / E90 and follow the signs to Lagkada – Exit onto Thessalonikis – Kavalas and drive about 25km.
Follow the signs to Psyculture Festival.

If you are coming using Public Transports, please follow these steps:

Take the bus from Makedonia Station to Kavala via Peramos.
Check hours and dates here (http://www.ktelmacedonia.gr/en/routes/list/tid=17)

From Athens
Take the E75, slight left to continue to E75 and merge onto E75, continue onto Thessalonikis-Malgaron E90 (signs for Thessaloniki),
Take exit 21 to merge onto Egnatia Odos/A2/E90 toward Kavala/Serres/Chalkidiki, take exit 23 toward Kavala/Serres, merge onto Egnatia Odos/A2/E90,
Exit onto Thessalonikis-Kavalas and follow the signs to Psyculture Festival.

If you are coming using Public Transports, please follow these steps:

Take the Bus (www.ktel-thes.gr) or train (www.ose.gr) to Thessaloniki, and follow the instructions above from Thessaloniki to Psyculture Festival.

Psyculturefest.com (Stn idia topothesia me to High Tech Meditation 2012) Mpeite sto site kai deite eikones kai xartes.

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