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Wine-a-Billy Rollers

Good evening and welcome to At the beginning of our conversation we would like to know when and how you started, but also who are the group members.
Hi Kostas, thanks for invite us. We started in 2012, 3 cool cats from Lisbon, long time musicians, who wanted to play Rockabilly together, in the beginning just played covers, versions, but along the way, we started to compose and play our own songs. We are a 4-piece Rockabilly combo, with Pedro Teixeira on guitar and lead singer, Ruben El Pavoni on doublebass and back vocals, and Rui tex Gomes on drums.

Furthermore tell us about the artists you love and influenced you the most
We have a lot of influences, from the blues, rockabilly, rhythm and blues, like Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Go Cat Go, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, and many more bands and artists, who inspired us in our musicality.

Your album “10 Years in the Booze Valley” has just been released. Tell us about albums’ songs
Yes, finally, after this pandemic time, its out. Our album was recorded and produced by Boz Boorer at serra vista studios, Algarve, Portugal, mastered on hollers analog studios in malaga, spain by Maximo Ruiz Bandera, and released on Sleazy Records.
‘’10 years in the booze valley’’ is our 10th anniversary album, with 10 songs, all with completely different Rockabilly styles. We are very proud about it, and hope everyone could like it as much as us.

What are the most important concerts of your carrier so far?
It’s difficult to answer that, because along these years, we had so many good shows, in different stages, its hard to choose. But recently, a fantastic gig in ‘’Rock in rua’’, ‘’Há jazz no terreiro’’, Portuguese festivals, and of course, our first festival outside Portugal, in Benalmadena, Spain

What is the appeal of Rockabilly in Portugal?
Unfortunately, there’s a small group of people on rockabilly scene, maybe 5 or 6 rockabilly bands, but still having some clubs, who still promoting rockabilly and rock n roll concerts. Not so many as we wanted, but still working.

Do you think young people today can embrace Rockabilly and why?
Nowadays its difficult to bring these young generation to rockabilly scene, because all social media prefer to play on tv and radio shows only modern pop, and some stuff they call music, but we don’t.

Where can we find you on the web?
You can find us on facebook, Instagram, and youtube.

Do you have any plans for the future?
We really want to continue playing all around the world, recording new albums, and spread our music. We love to be on stage, and having fun with the crowd

A message for Greek Rockabilly fans?
Keep supporting your local clubs and bands, buying merchandise, CDs, 45’s, singles, and going to concerts, keep the rockabilly scene alive, and we hope to play in Greece on of these days for you guys

Thanks for the interview, we hope talking again in the future
Thanks, and keep rocking


Costas Tzanidakis