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The Rockers, Booze Party


Label: Atomicat Records

Number: (ACCD145)

Historic Series: 90 Years Since Prohibition Ended

Sub-Title: The Rockers,  Booze Party

Songs: Thirty

Compilation/ re-issue Producer, Liner Notes: Mark Armstrong

Artwork: Alf Button’s Revenge

Mastering: The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso Texas

Filed under:  Rockabilly, Rock ‘n‘ Roll, Instrumental, Hillbilly Rock

Atomicat Records: “Often imitated, never duplicated”

“Moonshine, Cool Juice and bloodshot eyes.”

“Your online shop for your rockin’ addiction.”


Atomicat Records (ACCD145), Historic Series story is about 90 Years Since Prohibition Ended, and is musically heard The Rockers, Booze Party which metaphorically give the finger to to Wayne Wheeler‘s Volstead Act which ended 90 years ago on 5th December1933. Due the 1950s being the soda pop years for middle class America, included are  some hillbilly rockers to keep the music 100 percent proof! We invite you to enjoy the thirty white artists 100 percent proof rockers, drink but not to excess and party.

Atomicat Records (ACCD145) 90 Years Since Prohibition Ended, The Rockers, Booze Party  is the response in hindsight to the National Prohibition Act, and the thirty songs challenge the preposterous law in verse. The National Prohibition Act, known informally as the Volstead Act aim was to make the selling of intoxicating liquids illegal, and  the prohibition of consuming alcoholic beverages became law on 17th  January 1920. The Anti-Saloon League’s Wayne Wheeler conceived and drafted the bill, which was named after Andrew Volstead, who was the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, who managed the legislation. The thirteen years of “dry times“ ended on 5th December1933.

It must be said that the soda pop middle-class American years of Rock ‘n‘ Roll was limited in alcohol songs titles, therefore included are  some hillbilly rockers to keep the music 100 percent proof! Additionally not all the songs have an alcohol related title and the booze reference is hidden in the lyric. The consequence of the Prohibition ruling was the Mob (gangsters) took control of the outlawed booze industry. This led to murder and mob rule for several years, and the outcome of the law is clearly explained in the opening song the F-B-I Story by Rudy Grayzell.

The Three Aces and A Joker hold a Booze Party and in attendance are; The Champs who have a dash of Tequila Twist, Bo Davis  rocks and rolls away his problems during Drownin’ All My Sorrows, The Wailers are drinking a Tall Cool One, Jay Chevalier finds Too Many Bubbles in his glass, and all hell breaks loose when Sonny Burgess opens the Thunderbird bottle. Drinking too much booze has given Millie Vernon Bloodshot Eyes, legendary drinker Carl Perkins is in a state of over-consumption known as Dixie Fried, and Billy Lee Riley knows that the alcohol induced high in the barroom means he is Trouble Bound.

Across town, Tommy Law is having fun from his Cool Juice, Lee Finn is a little more sophisticated and sings Pour Me A Glass Of Wine, Clyde Stacy Honky is dancing on the Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor,  Jimmy Patton hollers Yah I’m Movin which is a 100 percent proof ode to boozing and women, and The Premieres instrumental tune is about this juice known as Firewater.

Country folk brewed Moonshine, which Whitey Pullen and Cecil Moore sing about with two different songs of the same title. The brew was also known as  hooch and  Jack Hold is brewing some in his Moonshine Still, meanwhile the law using the Revenuer Man attempt to close down the stills, and the album uses Bill Goodwin‘s version of the song to tell the tale. A visit to Australia allows Slim Dusty to bring the Rock ‘n‘ Roll hangover to closing time with his ode to drinking The Pub Rock. Our historic series Atomicat Records (ACCD145) 90 Years Since Prohibition Ended, The Rockers, Booze Party will be followed up by Koko Mojo Records (KM-CD-180) 90 Years Since Prohibition Ended, The R&B Rockers, Sloppy Drunk.

The sleeve notes from the compilation/ re-issue producer and Dee Jay Mark Armstrong will provide information on the supporting band and where known the session information. The album is topped off with the best possible sound quality possible from our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. The concept is lavishly decorated by design artist Alf Button’s Revenge, and the sleeve is made from top-quality eco-friendly cardboard specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly.

Atomicat Records endeavors to use some lesser-known and for some, perhaps more obscure titles and adds something unexpected to every album. The album is ideal for Dee Jays to fill the dance floor with, and for home listening or while cruising around. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records “often imitated, never duplicated.” All that remains is to say, “Crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.

Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany


Atomicat Records (ACCD145) 90 Years since Prohibition Ended, The Rockers, Booze Party

01 Rudy Grayzell and His Thunderbirds Accompanied by The Sparkles F-B-I Story (Grayzell) Award 1959

02 Chuck Murphy They Raided The Joint (Burley, Jordan) Coral 1951

03 The Premieres Firewater (Premiers) Nu-Phi 1960

04 Whitey Pullen Moonshine (Pullen) Crown LP 1963

05 Tommy Law with King Richard and The Dukes Cool Juice (Mangiagli) Crest 1958

06 Millie Vernon Bloodshot Eyes (Penny, Hall) Chelsea 1959

07 Montie Jones and The Revin Robbin’s Moonshine(M, & L.P Jones) Jemm 1960

08 Lee Finn and His Rhythm Men Pour Me A Glass Of Wine (Finn) Westport 1959

09 Three Aces and A Joker Booze Party (Schneider) GRC 1960

10 The Champs Tequila Twist (Rio) Challenge 1961

11 Jimmy Patton Yah I’m Movin (Patton) Sage 1958

12 Sonny Burgess My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It (Williams) Sun 1957

13 Gene Vincent and The Beat Boys Pistol Packin’ Mama (Dexter) Capitol 1960

14 Jay Chevalier Too Many Bubbles (J, & A.R. Chevalier) Cotton Town Jubilee 1962

15 Bo Davis Drownin’ All My Sorrows (Davis) Crest 1956

16 The Five Chords Red Wine (Kellett, Lewis, Woodward) Cuca 1961

17 Carl Perkins Dixie Fried (Perkins, Griffin) Sun 1956

18 Cecil Moore music by The Kings of Rhythm Moonshine (Moore) Sarg 1959

19 Clyde Stacy  Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor  (Hazelwood, Harrel, Atchison)

20 Hoke Simpson With Ken Ralph Roy And Jerry Mountain Dew Rock (Wiseman, Lunsford)  Colonial 1957

21The Five Encores One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer (Spiegel, Freedman) Rama 1955

22 The Wailers Tall Cool One (Greek, Morril, Dangel) Golden Crest 1959

23 The Tyrones vocal by George Leser Pink Champagne (Liggins) Mercury 1957

24 Chuck Rio and The Originals Margarita (Thompson) Jackpot 1959

25 Gene Simmons Drinkin’ Wine (Simmons) Sun 1958

26 Billy Lee Riley Trouble Bound (Riley) Sun 1956

27 Jack Hold Moonshine Still (Holt) Chuck Garner 1963

28 Bill Goodwin Revenuer Man (Jones) Band Box 1962

29 Sonny Burgess Thunderbird (Clement, Riley, Burgess) Sun 1958

30 Slim Dusty The Pub Rock (Dusty) Columbia 1960