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SnakeBite Band

1)    How did the idea of creating the band came?
The singer (Paul Lowry) nick name has always been “Snake” and we started as a 2 man band and we both came up with the idea at the same time… at the time we never thought we would get this far.

2) What are your biggest music influences?
I (Marty) would say I am influenced by Kiss, Rolling Stones and Kid Rock.  Paul is influenced by Johnny Cash and Pink Floyd. James the bass player loves Rush. Eric is influenced by Metallica and Vol Beat while Shawn the drummer loves almost every type of music.


3) Is rock ‘n’roll for you more than just one favorite music?
Yes… we all love rock music but in the last ten years the North American Country sound has emerged as part of the band’s sound although the music is close to rock n roll the singer’s voice is pure country!


4) From what I understand you have a special relationship with the country music, would you like telling us about it?
Yes… our new CD is country rock album and our first single “All Night Long” cracked the top 100 on the Canadian Country Radio in 2014.


5) During 2015 you will have a new album release. Want to talk to us about it?
SnakeBite is so excited to release the new music this year… The CD is called “My Road” and was an easy decision to title it after that song as it is about making choices and living with the choices you make.  The road we all took to get to the point where we have the ability, time and money to create a full CD of original songs has been long and winding and it has taken us some time but we did it.”
The release date is May 22nd… and it will be available on iTunes, Amazon and all the usual online places.

6) Have you planned any shows in the near future?
We will be touring this summer and into the fall trying our best to spread the music to the world.


7) What do you get from the audience in your live shows?
It is the coolest feeling in the world when the audience starts singing along with songs they probably have never heard yet… It gives me a chill to see the front few rows singing songs that I wrote.


8) Which are the sites that we can find you on the internet?
You can check out SnakeBite at:

9) What message would you give to the audience that loves rock ‘n’ roll music?
Get out and see bands live… buy the music they put their heart and soul in making and spread the word to keep on the music rocking on!


Costas Tzanidakis