Scarlet Rebels – LIVE: Made In Sonic One 


Scarlet Rebels – LIVE: Made In Sonic One
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Release: 16 October 2020

Welsh rock sensations; SCARLET REBELS release new live, single take, album!

Scarlet Rebels are thrilled to release LIVE: Made in Sonic One today! LIVE: Made In Sonic One is available to order on CD via
It is also available across all digital and streaming platforms via ROAR! Rock of Angels Records via this link:

LIVE: Made In Sonic One was recorded on Weds 15 July during a single session at Sonic One Studios in Llanelli, Wales, with no overdubs or backing tracks, truly live as a single play-through.

Frontman, Wayne Doyle, said of the new release, “Like many bands, we are struggling logistically during this pandemic. Gigs are not viable, cash is very tight, so we have had to get creative. We have done countless online acoustic sessions, zoom interviews and play-throughs and that’s all fine but we are a BAND. And a band plays together and ideally in front of an audience too.
The audience side is still not viable, so as soon as easing measures allowed, we jumped into the studio and cranked it up loud and it felt soooo good.
Our producer, Tim Hamill, captured it all on tape and video and when we played it back it sounded half-decent. Better than that actually, so we have decided to release it as a 7-song mini-album. Considering we hadn’t performed together in such a long while we sounded really sharp, so why not let others enjoy it too. It’s a great bridge before we lay down our new studio album for next year.”

LIVE: Made In Sonic One
1. You Take My Breath Away
2. Save Me
3. Heal
4. Let Me In
5. No One Else To Blame
6. Part of Me
7. Not the One

Scarlet Rebels are:
Wayne Doyle – Vocals/Guitar
Chris Jones – Lead Guitar
Josh Townshend – Guitar
Wayne ‘Pricey’ Esmonde – Bass
Gary Doyle – Drums

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