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How did your love for Boogie Woogie and Rock ‘n’ Roll begun?
With Elvis. My neighbor gave me a Double-LP from Elvis Presley, and immediately I was falling in love with Rock’n’Roll.

You have performed live in many countries. Are there any moments that stands out more for you?
Every single concert is something special for me. It’s no different if it’s in Singapore, Kasakstan, Dominican Republic, Germany or in my home country Switzerland.

When you are on the stage you are intense and full of energy. What exactly do you feel when you perform?
I just need one or two minutes on stage and my heart and blood is jumping into that fantastic beat. Around two minutes later my fingers are getting so hot/warm that I can do with them whatever I want.

 What is the response from your audience in  Switzerland?
Very good. Sometimes they can’t believe that I’m a Swiss-man. Ok, they are not wrong, the half in my blood is Italien. But who cares? I’m a musician, a Boogie Woogie-, Blues-, and Rock’n’Roll-man.

Tell us about your planned upcoming concerts.
5) My plans for the upcoming concerts are very simple; play-play-play, have a lot of fun, and I want to make the people happy, and give them a good time.


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Are there any songs or albums that you consider as milestones to your career?
6) The latest song I wrote was « That’s My way » (it’s on my new CD), on this song I tell about my way from the start until now. And of course there are many other songs I wrote and I still love to play them live; « Born To Be A Boogieman », „Rock The Boogie“, Boogie Woogie Feelings“, „Tobee’s Boogie“, „Charlie’s Boogie“, „Barrel Of Monkeys“…

What do you think is what makes the Boogie Woogie and Rock ‘n’ Roll, against the times, always topical and timeless?
First the rhythm, second the sound of Blues (Blue-Notes) and thirdly the realness – no electronics, no computers, handmade only.  

If you could go several decades back in time, with which artists would you like to be on stage?
Elvis Presley and Ray Charles, but I would be extreme nervous. Especially with Ray.

In your website someone can download some of your songs for free. Do you think that the internet has opened communication routes, which until a few years ago were closed?
Of course. It’s a very fantastic way to bring out your own music all over the world.

Thanks very much for the interview
Thank you Costas!


Costas Tzanidakis