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Outloud - Virtual Hero Society

OUTLOUD, the international melodic hard rock sensation consisting of Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND) and NYC-based singer Chandler Mogel has released 3 albums and an EP to wide critical acclaim in the hard rock / metal world, since its debut released on Frontiers Records in 2009, has appeared in hundreds of rock & metal publications both print and online, including features in major mags such as BURRN! Japan, Rock Hard, Fireworks, Metal Hammer, etc. They have become the most viewed Greek Hard Rock band on YouTube. Their songs appear on a handful of reputable compilations such as Rock Hard, Metal Hammer & Classic Rock AOR and their track “We Run” was named ‘Track of the Day’ in Classic Rock Magazine. The band has toured in Europe and in its home-base country of Greece multiple times, has appeared on national TV there (on MTV Greece, MAD TV and Radio Arvyla, the country’s biggest talk show) and also twice on the cover for Greek Metal Hammer, the country’s biggest rock publication. The band begin a new chapter of their career with their fourth full-length album, “Virtual Hero Society” (aka VHS) on ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records, a new, on-the-rise hard rock label out of Greece. This is their first full-length since 2014’s “Let’s Get Serious”, and their second release on ROAR, the first being Destination: Overdrive - the Best of Outloud, which featured their popular cover of the Pointer Sisters' hit “I’m So Excited”, in 2015. This time, with the album title, theme and title track and first single, "Virtual Heroes", Outloud abandons their general "playful" approach and goes toward deeper subject matter, tackling what could be called the "double-edged sword" of technology in today's society, as evidenced by the album cover.

Chandler Mogel, the American lead singer of the band, comments on the albums concept: "I know that Outloud of course is known for all our good time rock and roll and party vibe and all that, however this is a very important subject that needs to be addressed to the masses. "Cell phones and social media in general are very convenient and allow us to communicate to a broader audience , however they have some negative aspects which stem from misuse that not all people may realize. We hope to do some good for the society at large by giving back an important message in that we really want people not to abuse them nor do we want people to lose their humanity for one another, because they are so "zoned out" by their phone screens, etc. Take the time to reach out and touch someone - for real."
According to Bob Katsionis: “This time we tried to achieve the most difficult task of all: to have a personal sound that reminds of no other production in the genre, by combing the best of the analog world with the big disco snare drum sound and the analog mixing with the virtues of the new age with synthesizers, distorted basses and metal guitars! Same thing we did with the title of the album: the nostalgia of the VHS tapes-era that also translates to the harsh reality of the Virtual Hero Society we live in!”

Outloud is:

Chandler Mogel - All Lead & Background Vocals
Bob Katsionis - Lead Guitars & Keys
Sverd - Bass
Jim Scordilis - Guitars
Thanos Pappas - Drums


• Fourth full length album from Melodic Hard Rock masters Outloud “Virtual Hero Society (aka VHS)” is released by ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records (Monument, Ashes Of Ares, Enemy Inside, Gods Of Silence, Mean Streak, Panorama, Volster, Felskinn, Eternal Flame etc.), available on Digipack CD, Black Vinyl and Red Vinyl (Limited to 100 copies worldwide)
• All music (except Fallen Love) by Bob Katsionis All lyrics by Chandler Mogel
• Produced by Bob Katsionis
• Recorded and mixed at Sound Symmetry Studio Mixed by Bob Katsionis
• Mastered by Nasos Nomikos at VU productions
• Cover artwork and layouts by Gustavo Sazes
• From the 80's Disco-ish “World-Go-Round” to the full a-capella piece “Fallen Love”, the band really shows off their musical prowess on this one exploring some hitherto uncharted territory in the genre while at the same time keeping to their sound and integrity as an established hard rock band, with a polished sound and production that trumps the current standard of your typical AOR/Hard Rock bands.
• If you're sick of recycled riffs and songs that copy other bands too closely, then check out Outloud's new record as they are back with a fresh approach to melodic rock.
• This record is sure to make a splash in the coming months and is highly recommended for any connoisseur of great rock music!
• The band considers this their best, most cohesive effort to date!


Digipack CD:

1. Fools' Train
2. My Promise
3. Virtual Heroes
4. I Am The One
5. Share My Dreams
6. World-Go-Round
7. We Got Tonite
8. Borrowed Time
9. Live With It
10. ...And I Tried
11. Fallen Love
12. Fight On!

Black Vinyl / LTD. Red Vinyl:

1. Fools' Train
2. My Promise
3. Virtual Heroes

1. I Am The One
2. Share My Dreams
3. World-Go-Round

1. We Got Tonite
2. Borrowed Time
3. Live With It

1. ...And I Tried
2. Fallen Love
3. Fight On!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/outloudtheband/Official Website: http://outloud.rocks/


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