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Jive A Rama Volume 3

Jive-A-Rama Volume Three – Atomicat (ACCD068) continues the acclaimed series of albums, and the album brings into your life thirty carefully chosen titles for both everyday listening and with an additional emphasis to get couples onto the dance floor. The music is sourced from the golden years of 1953 through to 1962, from labels large and small, and showcases a wealth of musical talent. The album comprises; jumping rhythm & blues, New Orleans shakers, big-city doo-wop productions, and hot rock ‘n’ roll. The bonus recordings are two unissued Rhythm Bomb Record recordings from an artist who is unknown outside of Germany Barbara Portland, and former Sun recording artist Glen Honeycutt. The invitation to JIVE dance is made throughout the album.
Jive-A-Rama Volume Three is sated with jiving rockers, many of which are mostly unknown, but not lacking in star quality and the songs have danceability. The honour of firing off volume three is given to Paul Perryman and His Band who perform the original version of Just To Hold My Hand. More pulsating R&B is heard from The Lincolns catchy Pleasin’ You Pleases Me, Floyd Dixon and His Orchestra who Dance The Thing, Joe Morris featuring Mr Stringbean intoxicating Pass The Juice Miss Lucy, and Eddie Johnson featuring Edna McRaney rhythm rocker Back-Up.
Rock ‘n’ Roll sounds to please the ears and feet include, the duo of Jerry Lee Key and Larry Carlton Key who performed as The Cobra Brothers Everybody’s Looking, and as the Key Brothers Lulu’s Party. Andy Martin sings about the Record Hop Tonight, Peck Rowell, is searching ‘Am Gonna Find Me A Woman, and Frankie Sal performs Fabulous Cure which is probably more known from British rocker Dickie Prides’ cover version.

The doo-wop rockers comprise; The Whips, Pleadin’ Heart, The Wheels, Let’s Have A Ball, The Sharps, Come On, The Kokomos (soon to become the Four Seasons) Mama’s Boy, and The Del Knights, Compensation. The ladies adding a varied sound are; Bunny Paul, Leave My Heart Alone, Betty Johnson with the gospel rocker You Can’t Get To Heaven On Roller Skates, and the frantic Colleen and Sparky Frazier growl You’re Mama’s Here. There are many more musical gems for you to discover on this album.
The series is compiled by Dee Jay Mark Armstrong and topped off with the best possible sound quality from our mastering team at our El Paso, Texas, Studio. The top-quality eco-friendly cardboard sleeve is specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. The album is lavishly decorated by design artist and working musician Henrique San. The thirty dance-floor-fillers are perfect for; Dee Jays, home listening, or cruising around. All that remains is to say, “Crank up the volume and dig these musical gems.
You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future! Atomicat Records “Often imitated, never duplicated”
Dee Jay Mark Armstrong Bühl, Germany

Jive-A-Rama Volume Three Atomicat Records (ACCD068)
01 Paul Perryman Just To Hold My Hand (Perryman, Robey) Duke 1955
02 The Lincolns Pleasin’ You Pleases Me (Damiano) Atlas 1958
03 The Laddins Did It (Johnson, Dunmeyer) Central 1958
04 Jerry Myers Honey Bun (Douglass, Pastor, Laney) Vassar 1960
05 Bunny Paul Leave My Heart Alone (Chase) Capitol 1955
06 Frankie Sal Fabulous Cure (Benjamin, Marcus) Decca 1959
07 The Whips Pleadin’ Heart (Bihari) Flair 1954
08 King Victor Boppin’ Bobbie Jean (Victor, King) Madison 1959
09 Floyd Dixon Dance The Thing (Dixon, Ling) Kent 1958
10 The Dukes Shimmies And The Shakes (Nero) Imperial 1956
11 Mr. Stringbean Pass The Juice Miss Lucy (Morris) Herald 1953
12 The Wheels Let’s Have A Ball (Bunn) Premium 1956
13 The Kokomos Mama’s Boy (Crewe) Gone 1962
14 The Sharps Come On (Mattola, Marascalco) Vik 1957
15 The Jewels Keep Your Feet On The Floor (Torrance) Imperial 1955
16 Eddie Johnson with Edna McRaney Back-Up (Burton) Chess 1952
17 The Cobra Brothers Everybody’s Looking (L & J Key) Black Jack 1958
18 The Sparks Mary, Mary Lou (Cayet, Mangiaracina) Decca 1957
19 Andy Martin Record Hop Tonight (Schroeder, DeMetrius) Chancellor 1957
20 Peck Rowell ‘ Am Gonna Find Me A Woman (no credit) Coin 1956
21 The Del Knights Compensation (Hardin) Unart Records 1958
22 Otis Blackwell Handle With Care (Blackwell) Date 1958
23 Betty Johnson You Can’t Get To Heaven On Roller Skates (Moore, Grean) Atlantic 1958
24 Tee Tucker Rock And Roll Machine (Cunningham) Atco 1961
25 Doug Powell The Whip (Powell) Southern Sound 1961
26 Gary Link and The Rock-A-Fellas Rhythm Rock (Link) Al Vic 1959
27 Colleen Frazier You’re Mama’s Here (Frazier, Cole) Fable 1958
28 The Key Brothers Lulu’s Party (L & J Key) Gardena 1960
29 Barbara Portland Nearly Loved (Wilshire) take 18 unissued RBR
30 Glen Honeycutt Gonna Love You All Over (Honeycut) – tk02 unissued RBR