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Three siblings are compelling a band, it is not quite common. How your love for music started and when you decided to set the group together?

We originally started as a 4 piece band in 1974 at school. The line up then was, Bob on Vocals and Lead Guitar, Ray on Drums, Andy on bass guitar and Dave on rythym guitar. Tony used to sing and play washboard for a few numbers.We were called BRAD, which was the first letter from each of our names. Later we changed our name to The Jets and changed our bass guitar player to a friend named Phil. We changed to a 3 piece band in 1978 and became an all family band with myself, Bob on Double bass and lead vocals, Ray on Guitar and vocals and youngest brother Tony on Drums and vocals. Like all families, we don’t always agree with each other, but after over 40 years playing music together you are not going to have the same views. We still enjoy each others company and always have a great time performing together.

What do you think are the most important moments in your career?
Being asked to play Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival was a great experience as there are 40,000 people at the main stage and car show. We have had a lot of highlights in our career. Travelling around the world to countries such as Australia, Japan, Russia, Brasil and of course all over Europe has been great experience. In the 1980’s we appeared on lots of TV shows around the world as we managed to achieve great success in the Pop charts and appeared in the UK on “Top of the Pops”, which was the most famous music show around. Meeting some of the original 1950’s artists has been great for us also. Carl Perkins, Jack Scott, Sleepy La Beef, Charlie Gracie as well as touring with The Crickets and Bill Haley’s’ Comets. Both myself, (Bob) and Ray played on stage in The Comets band on Double Bass and Guitar alongside, Dick Richards and Joey D’Ambrose

Could you tell us a few words about the ‘’40 Rockin Years’’ album?
The album/Cd is a 40 years anniversary album with tracks that have been recorded and never before released, taken from various recording sessions, from 1978 through to 2018. A history of the band. It is a must buy Cd for Fans of THE JETS.

Have you planned for any upcoming concerts?
The Jets are constantly gigging all over the world. Every weekend the band plays either in the UK or around Europe. This year we are going to Gran Canaria, Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Germany, Holland. We are hoping to go back to Brasil, Australia and the USA.

Is Greece in any of your plans?
I’m afraid that we have no plans to come to Greece, although we would love to. There doesn’t seem to be any promoters asking us to come ?

How do you feel that your children continue the family musical tradition?
It is a fantastic feeling that our kids, now men, wanted to play our style of music. Their band was called The Bad Boys and then changed to Lights Out. They played for about 10 years, but they have now retired as they have young families now also.

Could you give us a message for the young people who are now beginning to listen to music
It is a great style of music. You have Rockabilly, Jive, Blues, Country, Rock ‘n’ Roll, doowop and so many other intersting style all within the scene. The style of fashion is “cool” and the people who go to the live shows are always friendly.

Cheers Bob Cotton,
Lead vocals and Double Bass player.