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Could you tell me when you started the band and which are its members?

Stefan Jägermyr and Lars Wermlund started Wild Rooster in early 2007 after they have played together in several constellations before and decided to move on. After the breakup from the other bands they started to plan a new concept for the European rockabilly scene that was missing in their opinion. On a concert in their home town they met Kim Amberg that played lead guitar in a local band at the time. Kim joins in with the band on lead guitar and complete the vision that Stefan and Lars have with his oldschool rockabilly sound. Raw powerful revival rockabilly with influences from the old rockabilly legends of the 50´s  to today’s underground scene. The newest band member is Dick Dahlgren on drums.

Stefan Jägermyr (Lead song, Rhythm Guitar)
Lars Wermlund ( Bass, chorus  )
Kim Amberg ( Lead Guitar )
Dick Dahlgren ( Drums )

 How did your love for rock ‘n’ roll started?

Lars: Long way back in my early years when dad was playing his rockin’ records, I fell in love with the music and i guess that was the start for me. Then during my teenage years, I started to look and search for more cool music. In record shops etc I found artist like the big rockabilly legends Johnny Burnette/Gene Vincent etc.

Legends like Cavan Grogan and of course all other revival band that has made their mark in the musical history has also been a big inspiration.

The musical scene of today is the biggest inspiration to find new ways of writing music and this is the key value for Wild Rooster.

To take the revival music into the 21 century.


 You have played live in many countries. Can you tell us some moments that stand out for you particularly?

Ohh that was a hard one !!

We have friends all over the world thanks to our music and have done hundreds of gigs all over Europe during the years and everyone is special both good and bad.

We have done small tours in Europe and these are always good.

Our tour ending in Santiago the Compostella Spain winter 2013 were we had a concert together with Graham Fenton from Matchbox has a special place in our hearts. Then of course our Tour in Japan and all the fantastic people over there.


wild rooster 2


 Do you believe that rock ‘n’ roll music can speak to peoples’ souls just well today as in the early 50ies?

No doubt about that!

Just come to a Swedish car cruise in summer time in any town.


Are there any moments in your career that you consider as milestones?

I think the new start of the band is the biggest milestone after a turbulent year in 2014 after many internal problems.

We have new band member and new inspiration for future.


 What are your plans for the near future.

We have our new start for the band as headliner at the biggest rock party in Sweden “Rock at Sea” 14/3 that we all are looking forward to.

Then we have some gigs down Europe in France and Switzerland to mention some.

Later in the year we have a planned tour in USA and we are going back to Tokyo also in a soon future.


 Where can we find you on the internet?

We will release our new website in a near future but until then you can find all band information in the social network Facebook.


Thank you very much for the interview

Thank you!

All the best and rocking regards

Lars & Stefan Wild Rooster


Costas Tzanidakis