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Matthew Ball


 How did you first meet boogie woogie music?

I first experienced boogie-woogie music during a Concert Festival in 2001.  Before that I had only played classical piano.   After the concert festival, I studied only boogie-woogie.


Which artists have influenced you more?
I’m always influenced and inspired by the work of other artists, but I continue to listen to Albert Ammons, Otis Spann, Professor Longhair, Dr. John.  I think these have perhaps been the biggest influence.  

What is the feeling when you  playing boogie woogie?

I have fun playing boogie-woogie.  I find the music exhilarating.


Have you planned any gigs for the near future?

I’m always booking gigs for the future, and am always looking for new places to perform.  


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Do you think that younger people can embrace the boogie woogie scene, as much as the older generation?

Yes. I think boogie-woogie can be for anyone and everyone.   Although, here in America, young people are usually captivated by what is on the radio, and you don’t often hear boogie-woogie on the radio, or on tv or similarly in the public eye.


 What are the elements that the boogie woogie has, so it can still be  relevant in nowadays?

It still gives people a smile, it still makes them dance, it still excites them.   


 Are there any discography plans for the future?

I just released a new CD in January of this year, which is a LIVE performance CD tittled “Boogie Woogie Kid LIVE.”  It is available on now.


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