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1) You started in the mid-80s, along with many other artists who brought back the rock ‘n’ roll in the news. How did you decide to make the group?

At the time of Matchbox , Shakin`Stevens and the StrayCats climbing the charts in Germany , my brother and me decided , together with some friends , to start the band as a just for fun project.


2) What were your first music influences?

Our first musical influences were the artists mentioned before plus Crazy Cavan `n` the Rhythm Rockers and of course some guys from the fifties like Jerry Lee Lewis , Johnny Cash , Elvis and Hank Williams.

3) You have played live in many countries. Are there any shows that have been left, in a special way, back in your mind?

A very special one took place in October 2001 in a plane with 237 fans on a flight to Mallorca. We made it into the German edition oft he „ Guinnes World Records“ – book (page 258) with the highest Rock`n`Roll – show ever. We played around 30 minutes 11948,16 m above sea-level . Big fun , I tell you!


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4) What is the audience response in Germany on the rock ‘n’ roll music?

We can`t complain , but if Rock`n`Roll would have more radio- airplay in Germany , we could reach a lot more people with our music . Many people have no idea , that there are still real Rock`n`Roll – bands around.


5) Have you planned any gigs in the near future?

)We are touring for 31 years and never had a break . We played more than 2500 shows and have already 55 gigs planned for this year. Hope to see you somewhere!



6) You have a great course in recording from 1986 till today. Which you believe is the milestone disk(s) in your career?

I think the milestone disc in our career was the „Wild Wild Wild“ album. Released in 1995 it was our first CD as a full professional Rock`n`Roll – band and contained our hit-song „ High Class Lady“ . My brother wrote that number , wich opened a lot of doors for us. The song took the British Rock`n`Roll – clubs by storm , became a huge line – dance – hit in Belgium and the Netherlands and many different bands recorded their own version o fit.

7) This year you released the album The Lennerockers and Friends. Would you like to tell us a few words about it?

7) Of courese . It took us 25 years to make that double – CD as you can get it now on AGR Television Records. We backed up a lot of fantastic artists touring Germany and other countries and became friends with them over the years. So we decided to record some great tracks with true legends like Charlie Gracie , Rose Maddox . Johnny Carroll , Ray Campi , Freddie Fingers Lee , Graham Fenton and many more.

8) What does rock ‘n’ roll means to you and how you feel when playing this music?

8) Beside my family Rock`n`Roll ist he most important thing in my life. It`s more than music , it`s a life-style. We have 3 classic cars and a Harley Davidson – bike in the band . We collect vinyl – records and listen to our `59 Rock Ola Jukebox . On off-dates we drive somewhere and listen to other Rock`nRoll acts . We just can`t get enough o fit , I guess. And what we feel playing this music? We spend hours of driving , hours of setting up the gear , but at showtime , feeling the groove and looking into hundreds of smiling faces in front oft he stage it`s worth all the hard work , everytime again and again . So let`s keep it rocking as long as we can.


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9) Where can we find you on the internet?

 You can find us on our web-site and of course on facebook and youtube 


Thank you very much for the interview 

Thank you very much and see you somewhere down the road.

Michael Ele Koch


Costas Tzanidakis