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Ιmmortalizer started a few years ago and now you released another single, titled “Gone To Hell” from the upcoming album. How can you describe your music until now? I find this really diverse!

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that! I started writing songs when I was very young, so it’s been a long road getting to where I am now. I’ve spent my entire career mostly writing my own songs vs learning covers, so I feel that helped me develop my writing abilities quite a bit. By the time Immortalizer was formed I already had nearly 20 years of experience. So that experience has been a huge help. I work very hard on my music and always try to push myself further. While a lot comes naturally, especially the melodies, guitar riffs and lyrics etc, I still work and rework my music and try a lot of different ideas to try to get the best results possible. Immortalizer truly represents the sound and style I’ve spent my whole life developing.

Do you believe that your unique but also classic style will be a reason for some label to sign you? Most labels nowadays prefer some retro metal stuff…

I definitely hope so. I think Metal fans are craving a taste of the past and labels are searching for bands that can do just that without ripping off the artists that inspired them. I think my adoration of the classic Metal era is very present in my music, and I love that. It wasn’t planned out, it just happened that way naturally. Music is and always will be my path and I’m going to keep working hard to earn my place beside my heroes.

Three songs and only singles until now. Do you believe that there is a real use to release albums in 2021? What is your opinion?

I think so yes. Singles are certainly a great way to get exposure and attract new fans, but full length albums are also very important. In a digital world sometimes it’s great and satisfying to have something tangible. Like so many I still love pulling out a fresh vinyl and putting it on my turntable. Or a CD in my stereo. I love examining the cover art, reading the lyrics and liner notes and looking at the band pics. Plus tons of Metal fans (myself included) still enjoy listening to an album all the way through. So, I plan to do both.

The spirit of creation is there, shining like a light in a chamber, a feeling that is pure energy.   Do you believe that your whole life influenced your music? And if yes, how?

Absolutely! My life experiences definitely influence my music. I haven’t had an easy life. I’ve been through some horrible things, but I always had my music to help get me through it all. Those experiences both negative and positive come through in my music and lyrics. Songs like “Lost” and “Gone To Hell” are great examples of my conflicted views on modern day life and society. “I’m Gone” was written about my own experiences with toxic relationships and finally deciding to walk away. So I feel a lot of who I am bleeds into my music and lyrics.

Many releases were delayed over a year due to COVID. I consider bands like you as heroes on this difficult age. You also seem to promote your work a lot. Do you need to sacrifice a lot of things in life about this?

Thank you so much! That really means a lot! It certainly hasn’t been easy, especially doing everything myself. It’s far more time consuming then it would have been with a band at my side. But music is and always will be my calling and my passion. I’m going to record and tour until I drop. No one knows when their time is up, so I want to spend my time doing what I love.

There’s definitely lots of things sacrificed in order to keep things going, I don’t have much time for hobbies and leisure activities, but I’m extremely fortunate to have the support of some amazing people and amazing fans who all help keep me going!

I really like the stuff. Are you thinking about live performances in the future?

Definitely yes! As much as I adore writing and recording music, I also love to perform and I anxiously await my chance to tour the world and bring Immortalizer to the stage!

You seem to be a really tight band. Is this a matter of being the only musician in the band or is just enough the musicianship of you?

Thank you very much! I certainly try my best. I’ve spent 25 years developing my skills and I’ve spent my whole life with music as my main focus. When I write music I often hear the full orchestration in my head, so having full creative control does make things easier. However, I’ve always believed that

collaboration can lead to great things. I’m confident that when I find the right personnel to complete Immortalizer we can become something even greater as a band.

Can you provide us more information about the future album, the lyrics, the music etc or some general information?

Absolutely! Being a debut album, I plan on including a wide range of songs that represent what Immortalizer is all about. They’ll be at least one power ballad and possibly some covers as bonus tracks too. Most of the material is already written, it’s just recording everything and making each track as killer as possible. My philosophy has always been “all killer, no filler”.

Compared to your other singles, which are the differences of “Gone To Hell”?

That’s a good question. Well, “Gone To Hell” is really as Immortalizer as it gets. Lemmy was slightly different style wise being a tribute song. But with “I’m Gone” & “Gone To Hell” and now the newly released single  “Cut Loose” I feel that they truly represent my sound and style. Thanks to Ralf Scheepers help and support, I’ve also been pushing myself more and more to get everything as tight and solid as I possibly can.

What can we expect from Immortalizer in the future?

Well the upcoming album for sure! Also, more singles and videos as soon as possible. I’m mainly going to focus on recording the album next, but I’d like to do a video for one of the latest tracks to help promote the new album. I also hope to be able to tour as soon as possible as well.

Thank you, Dave! Our greetings to you in Canada!

It was my pleasure! Thank you for having me on RockAndRoll! \m/


IMMORTALIZER – Cut Loose (Official Video)

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