HESS “Living in Yesterday”

“Living In Yesterday”

Label: Frontiers Records    Music Style: Melodic Rock
Cat. #: FR CD 564    Cod: 8024391056424
Digital Rights: available    Website: www.harryhess.net

Release dates:
EU: August 24th
USA August 28th

Tracklisting: Living In Yesterday; Reach For You; It’s Over; Don’t Leave Me; What If; Nothing Lasts Forever; Falling Down; I Live For You; I Don’t Wanna Want You; Where To Run.

Best known for spending 17 years as frontman of HAREM SCAREM, one of the most well known and respected Melodic Hard Rock bands to come out from Canada, Harry Hess has been redesigning his career as music producer and songwriter.

No other band like Harem Scarem in the melodic rock genre has delivered such a varied discography throughout their career as these heroes from Canada. From the high quality rock of their early days, through melodic rock and almost progressive song structures (the “Voice Of Reason” album) to the power pop of the releases as Rubber, the band always surprised their fans with new ideas.

The next natural step was to start working on a solo album which Harry has been expertly crafting little by little in his Toronto studio. Still the songs included in “Living in Yesterday” are the result of Hess’ travels around the globe over the last few years with stops in Stockholm, Amsterdam, Brussels, Nashville and Germany

With this CD Harry intends to go back to certain sounds and atmospheres leaning more towards melodic rock music.

The musicians featured on the album include his former bandmates Pete Lesperance, Creighton Doane and Darren Smith, Tommy Denander, Marcie Free, Howie Simon and Magnus Karlsson among others.

“Living In Yesterday” is a superb slice of Melodic Rock which features a monster vocal performance from Harry, fabulous songwriting and a crisp production.

Harry Hess: Lead Vocals, keyboards, Backing Vocals, additional Guitars

Additional Musicians:
Peter Lesperance: Guitars & Bass
Creighton Doane: Drums
Howie Simon: Guitars solos on “ What If “ & “ It’s Over “
Magnus Karlsson: Guitar solo on “ Living In Yesterday “
Chris Green: Guitar solo on “ Where To Run “
Tommy Denander: Guitar & Keyboards on “ I Don’t Wanna Want You “
Strings on “ What If “ & “ It’s Over “ arranged by Pete Whitfield, performed by Pete Whitfield, Sarah Brandwood-Spencer, Paulette Bayley (violins) Simon Turner, Nick Trygstad (cellos).
Marcie Free: Backing vocals on songs 1,2 & 3.
Darren Smith: Backing vocals on songs 4 – 10.