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George Gakis – Parallel Dimensions 

George Gakis – Parallel Dimensions
ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
26 May 2023

George Gakis announces the release date of his new record and details of the release party! The new album is entitled “Parallel Dimensions” and will be released by ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records on May 26, 2023! A work in music and lyrics of his own, which includes 12 songs and of which George is very proud! It has been “managed” in the best way by his super-talented little “brother” Bob Saganas who played -among others- all the guitars and bass while the drums have been taken over by the “one and only” Sotiris Gakis with his sensational playing! Mixing and mastering was done in America under the guidance and valuable assistance of George’s dear friend C F Kip Winger! A release party for the album and the presentation of the first video clip will take place in parallel with the celebration of the 30 years of Troublemakers (George’s band) on Saturday, May 27 in Ioannina, at the Spiritual Center of the Municipality of Ioannina!

• New album by the Greek singer / songwriter George Gakis!
• “Parallel Dimensions” is released worldwide by ROAR! Rock of Angels Records (Grave Digger, Mystic Prophecy, Steel Prophet)
• Music and Lyrics by George Gakis
• Arranged by George Gakis / Bob Saganas
• Kip Winger – Vocal producer
• Mixed by Justin Cortel / Mastered by Joe Nino Hernes from Sterling Sound
• Vocals recorded by George Tzahristas
• Drums recorded by Panos Papakostas / Bob Saganas
• Cover artwork and layout by Christos Karietis
• Photos by Vagelis Giotopoulos
• Two official videos / digital singles to be released prior to the album release date.
• Targeted digital video campaigns via Google Ads in EU.
• Targeted social media sponsored posts for pre-order and videos.
• Print magazine advertisement campaigns with interview / review features on April and May print issues of the Rock It!, BreakOut, Legacy, Hardline magazines among others.
• Spotify Playlist singles’ pitching.
• Extensive newsletter mailout to all relevant media.
• EU promotional campaign by CMM to all relevant media.

1. Insane
2. Everything You Want
3. Who Made You A Woman?
4. Nightmare Dreamer
5. Fake
6. Torn
7. Parallel Dimensions
8. My Daddy Said
9. I Love to Kiss Your Love
10. Some Other Man Will
11. Dancing with Your Demons
12. In the Name Of Rock ‘n’ Roll

“Parallel Dimensions” line-up:
George Gakis – Vocals / Background vocals
Bob Saganas – Guitars / Bass
Sotiris Gakis – Drums
Sylvia Soupila – Cello on “Torn”
Sokratis Kiridis – Harmonica on “Nightmare Dreamer”
Group vocals on:
“Parallel Dimensions”
“Love To Kiss Your Love”
“Dancing With Your Demons”
“In The Name Of Rock ‘n’ Roll”
by Sotiris Gakis, Bob Saganas, George Tzahristas, George Stergiou, George Gakis