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Στα ελληνικά

Welcome to for the second time, we are really honored to talk again. We would like to start our conversation with the concert at Herodion and the experience you had in one of the most historic venues in the world.

I have performed all over the world for many years now and by far this beautiful and historic world famous venue has been the most spectacular over my long career. The full moon shining down on this theatrical masterpiece was the crowning glory on a night I will never forget.

How does it feel to celebrate 50 years of AC/DC, performing their songs and knowing such a great response from the audience?

It is an important milestone for the band and I am very happy to be performing this very special 50 years anniversary celebration show for the fans as it is only right that they have an occasion like this to enjoy and to remember forever.

We were very happy to hear you sing Little Richard’s “Tutti Frutti” in Herodion, which Elvis had also sung. Did you want to tell us about the music impacts you had from the 50s, which played such an important role in the music evolution?

Actually it was the music of the 60’s that I grew up with as a young teenager and it wasn’t until after I formed my first band at 17 that I then started singing some 50’s rock n roll and then discovered the great music from that time like early Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, The Everly Brothers and so many more of the greats from that era.

You are currently on a world tour. What places have you visited so far and what are the most characteristic moments you experienced?

So far I have toured in South America, Mexico and in Europe with more countries being added before the end of the year. The reaction to the show is the same everywhere with sold out shows and concerts and the fans going wild with excitement and just so happy. I still rock and the fans still love the old classic rock and roll too!

Which other countries does your program include?

The next country coming up is Turkey

Do your future plans include more live shows or studio recordings?

I have already recorded new songs , some lyrics and music both and others in collaboration with another song writer while touring in Denmark earlier this year produced, engineered and mixed by Flemming Rasmussen on Sweet Silence famed studios of Metallica and they will be released very soon.

Thank you very much for the excellent conversation we had and we hope to see you again in Greece

Yes, what a fabulous show and what a wonderful welcome from the people of Greece and can’t wait to be back.


Costas Tzanidakis – Eleni Paximadi