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Welcome to Let’s start our conversation by telling us when the group was formed and who are its members.
I started performing and recording as Dave Del Monte & The Cross County Boys in 2004. Basically, it’s me recording all of the vocals and instruments. I play lead and rhythm guitar, upright and electric bass, drums, and a little bit of piano.

Which were your first musical influences?
My first influences were Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent, Charlie Feathers, and Carl Perkins. I also listened to a lot of doo wop music when I was growing up, since I lived in the New York City area. I re-worked some doo wop songs in the rockabilly style on my 2008 CD, Cross The Line.

Which are the recordings you have made so far?
Let’s see….Follically Impaired was released in 2005 (full length CD), Cross The Line released in 2008 (full length CD), Cool Yule Boogie released in 2019 (Christmas EP). I have also released several singles – I Got A Lot On My Mind and Rag Roof Roadster in 2019, and six singles in 2020 – Bald Headed Daddy, Hunker In My Bunker, Hubba Hubba Ding Ding , Can’t Stop Buying Records, One Dark Day, and Drag Racing Santa. I have several singles already planned for 2021 and hopefully some other surprises!

Are there any of your live shows that you would point out? How do you feel when you are on stage?
I recently performed two shows in New Jersey (USA ), one in November 2019 with The Greyhounds and Crash Gordon & Debra Dynamite, and another in October 2020 with Lara Hope’s Gold Hope Duo and Crash Gordon & Debra Dynamite. Both times I was backed up by Crash Gordon & Debra Dynamite, a really rocking band from the USA. I enjoy being on stage – I try to keep things fun, tell a few bad jokes in between songs and be entertaining.

How you coupe with the coronavirus pandemic, how much has it affected you as a band?
It was bad and good – It was bad because a huge show I was supposed to play on with 10 other bands was cancelled, but it was good because it gave me more time to record, write songs, and promote my music.

We hope to see you in Greece at some point.
I would love to! Greece is a beautiful country. I hope once everything is sorted out with the pandemic I can make it overseas.

Where can we find you on the internet?
I can be found at and by e-mail at I also have a YouTube channel at

Would you like to send a message to those who love rock ‘n’ roll and country?
Thank you for listening to and sharing my music and watching my videos – I love you and appreciate your support!

Thank you very much Dave for the interview you gave us.
Thank you for interviewing me – it’s been an honor!