Chet Atkins – Guitar Over Europe


The lost ‘Guitar Over Europe’ LP finally sees the light of day after 53 years. Chet Atkins toured Europe in April 1964 as part of an RCA Promotion called ‘Nashville Stars on Tour.’ The package also included Jim Reeves, Bobby Bare and the Anita Kerr Singers. It was the first Country Music package of its kind to play Europe, and it included successful shows in Germany, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium. The experience gave Chet the idea for an LP called ‘Guitar Over Europe,’ which he recorded at three sessions in July and August 1964. Although a cover was designed and a release number was assigned, the album never appeared. After all this time, it’s not clear why, and later attempts to resurrect the project seemed doomed when the tapes appeared to be lost. ‘Guitar Over Europe’ became an  intriguing but lost Chet Atkins project from half a century ago. Now all that has changed. After 53 years Richard Weize has found the long lost tapes as well as original cover art for the album. And so, for the first time, here are the original Chet Atkins recordings, exactly as they  were scheduled to appear on a mid- ’60s RCA LP. This little piece of history is finally reunited with the Chet Atkins legacy. It’s taken 53 years  but, as you’ll see, it was well worth the wait.

SIDE 1 1. Al Di La
2. English Leather
3. Stranger On The Shore
4. As Long As He Needs Me
5. Danke Schoen
6. I Love Paris

SIDE 2 1. Drina
2. La La La
3. Soul Journey
4. Why Don’t They Understand
5. Mack The Knife
6. Where Is Your Heart (Theme from Moulin Rouge)

Produced by Chet Atkins, Bob Ferguson & Anita Kerr