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caterina nix 1


1) When did do your first musical steps?
I’ve been singing since I was a little girl… it has always been therapeutic for me, so I would always join the choir, or play at the extracurricular activities at school and once I was older I participated in several bands of different rock styles. I’ve also taken voice lessons because I think it’s important to keep your instrument healthy. I can’t really remember when I started… I used to sing along with my dad when he took me to school every morning when I was like 5 years old hahaha
2) “Chaos Magic” is called the project along with the former guitarist of Stratovarious, Timo Tolkki. Would you like to talk to us about this cooperation?
It’s been a wonderful ride. I feel very blessed for having had the opportunity of working with such a great musician, and being chosen for the project was a beautiful surprise. He wrote and produced all the songs, and we worked from a distance; I was in Chile and he was in Finland. All in all the process wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be, quite the opposite I’d say. We communicated very well and the recording process was fluid and comfortable. Plus, the songs are very beatiful and listenable and I’m very happy about this record in general.


3) Are there any particular moments that stand out in your career so far?
Well, just having the opportunity to share tracks with icons such as Floor Jansen and Simone Simmons in Avalon II has absolutely been one of the highlights of my career. I also had the chance to open the shows for Within Temptation in 2008 and Nightwish just a couple of weeks ago, so I feel very blessed.
4) Have you planned for any shows in the near future?
I’m doing my best to schedule a few shows in Europe, but I’m all alone doing this so it’s been a bit hard. I’m trying to contact as many people as possible in order to achieve this goal. I really want to play live and tour, it’s my dream.
5) What do you think is the most important message you pass through your music?
Mine is a story of effort and perseverance. Nothing is going to be handed you on a silver platter, so my message is that you should fight for what you think you deserve and don’t let anyone bring you down. There are people who as soon as they see you rise will try to pull you down: Do not let them. Keep your head up high and your feet in the ground. Work. fight. Knock on doors. Fight some more.


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6) What do you know about Greece? Would you like to visit and perform?
I know it’s the cradle of western civilization and that is one of the most beautiful places in the world! I’ve always wanted to go to Greece but have never had the chance. There’s so much to see, enjoy and learn. I really wish I can travel there one of these days. And if I can play there, it would be a dream come true.
7) Where can we find you on the internet?
I have a few links to share with you:
You can find me on facebook at
You can also find me on Instragram:
And on Youtube you can find a find the EPK for Chaos Magic and our video for our first single “I’m Alive”. There’s also a few sample videos for other songs.   (EPK) (Official video for our first single “I’m Alive) (Promo video for “A Little Too Late”) (Promo video for “One Drop of Blood”)

Thank you very much for the interview
Thank you very much for having me!


Costas Tzanidakis