Good evening and welcome to At the beginning of our conversation, I would ask you to introduce yourself. So, which are the band members and when did you start?
Hello! I am Amhell, the lead singer of the band. We have our three solists Lucas Montagnier on the guitar, Olivier cantrelle on the piano, Arnaud Desprez on the saxophone. On the rhythm section, we have Xavier Nikci on doublebass and Pascal Mucci on the drums! We started in 2017!

Judging by your songs, you are influenced by several music styles. Who are your favorite artists?
Even though I’m told to be a music nazi, I actually have a lot of different influences! It’s very hard to tell who my favorite artists are because I love a lot of them… For the singing, I’d say Anita o’day, early George Jones, Julia lee and Georgia Gibbs those ones always make me feel special. But basically, I’m a HUGE starday fan , I love western swing, 50’s jazz, early rhythm and blues, 60’s northern soul …

You recently released your album entitled “It’s Gin O’Clock”. Tell us about the style of the songs, and everything else we need to know
I wrote all the songs and melody, and we went to the studio. The guys never heard them before. We recorded It’s Gin O’Clock in 3days! I played the songs for them once and them we all worked together to arrange the song and give them our vibe. It’s a real piece of each of us inside! There ‘s a lot of different styles. I think that the main feeling of the album is Rhythm and blues, but there are a lot of influences: early rhythm and blues, jazz, country, gospel even… It was real challenging to make 12 songs in three days, but we are super happy of the result.. It’s going all over the place… A bit like us!

What do you think are the elements that can make the next generation love Rhythm ‘n’ Blues, jazz and of course rock ‘n’ roll?
What always amazed me in this kind of music is the honesty of the emotion that are caught on the songs. This is all very intense music, if you take the time to really feel it. Whether to be alone at home, or party with friends, it’s super intense and true. I hope the new kids will get the chance to get caught by it just like us.

Do you have any live shows scheduled for the time ?
We have quite some shows upcoming for 2023! We’re all professional musicians, we do that as a living, so we play a lot. Each of my musicians also have other formations. I’m also working on starting a side project for next year, maybe back on my double bass!

Is a concert in Greece in your future plans?
Not yet! But we’d love to! Greece! Bring us!

Where can we find you online?
You can see our facebook here:
you can also hear our album on every streaming plateform : spotify, deezer, youtube…