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Good evening and welcome back to Firstly we known you as Wild Rooster, now Bad Luck & Trouble. Really, what was it that after Snakebite and Wild Rooster made you create a new band at the same time?
Bad Luck & Trouble is a side project of previous and past members of both Snakebite and Wild Rooster, and the bands are still going strong. Lifetime friends with a burning passion for the music we wanted to make some new stuff together.
This story starts out years ago up to days date. The exact time, back in 1997. In a small mid-west Swedish town called Arvika, two friends Lars Wermlund and Rolf Andersson started a beginning of a new era with a band called “The Dreadnoughts” British revival rock’n’roll with a Swedish rebel rockin’ touch branded their style. Now, back in early 2000! Together with some local musicians Rolf formed the today so well-known and respected band “Snakebite” with Steve Riot on bass guitar in their first line-up. Later on, Steve switched to rhythm guitar and Lars joined in the band on bass guitar.
Snakebite is still going strong with the line-up there is today and don’t need any more presentation for the rock ‘n roll family.
2007, another today big name on the rock’n’roll scene were born. Wild Rooster! A band that Lars and Steve formed into what it is today together with Kim Amberg on lead guitar and for the most people known as a hard-working band that have played all over Europe, Japan, North & South America.
2021 Bad Luck & Trouble is born from burning passion for the music and after a first rehearsal this was unstoppable.
The red thread has spiral its way back through maze to the beginning of this story to light another rockin’ wild fire ready to be served.

You recently released your first record and we’re looking forward to tell us a few words about the songs
What can I say! The record tells what this band is all about. Rock´n roll hooligans!

I think Sweden has a very strong Rock ‘n’ Roll scene, which doesn’t happen often in other countries. Where do you think this is due to?
The culture of American cars makes this big rockabilly scene. This culture is built from the heart of working-class people that lives this style 100%.

What do you say to someone who might think that Teddy boy Rock ‘n’ Roll is outdated and what does this music mean to you?
I can understand why some think that! Reality is that there is so many good 50´s , Ted & Rocker bands around today so I would say they are wrong! Rock´n roll will never die or be outdated and there will always be a new revival scene somewhere because there is always a new generation organizer that will book new and interesting bands for their festivals and concerts. People have a hunger for live music!
When we see young bands make covers of our songs on YouTube or play them live at some concert I know we have done what we can to inspire people for the next generation.

If we told you to pick five songs from the 50s that you never get tired of listening to, what would they be?
That as a hard one but maybe this list than.
I´m Coming Home: Johnny Horton
Three alley cats: Roy Hall
Race with the devil: Gene Vincent
Matchbox : Carl Perkins
Train kept on rollin: Johnny Burnette

What are your plans for the near future?
We are working with new songs in the recording studio.

Where can we find you online?
Facebook / Instagram

A message for the Greek fans?
Hope you to see you all real soon!

Thank you very much for the interview you granted us. I hope to meet again in the future
Thank you very much and please follow us on Facebook to get the latest news about the band.
Stay wild & crazy!
Bad Luck & Trouble