Kustom Kulture Classics


Rockstar Records Limited, Cork, Ireland Rhythm Bomb Records – Koko-Mojo Records – Atomicat – Richard-Weize-Archives

KMCD046 Kustom Kulture Klassics Label: Koko-Mojo Artwork: Urban Zotel Mastering: The Studio That Time Forgot, El Paso, TX

Kustom Kulture Classics is the nitrate burning CD album from Atomicat (ACCD046) for the car fraternity to push the pedal to the metal and drag the drive-inns and burning rubber isn’t anything but cool, especially with the car hi-fi blasting out these songs!
The twenty-nine track Hot Rod and Classic Car delight leaves rubber on the floor from start to finish and features an intriguing combination of original recordings and the cream of the “New Breed” from the Rhythm Bomb Garage of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Jason Lee Wilson pedal to the metal rocker Pure Horsepower drives the album into action; and through the music you hear stories about Cats on the search for some backseat action, Cookie Roberts in his automobile is Draggin’ The Drive-Inns, Johnny Lane is Rocking On The Dragstrip, and Ike And The Capers know a cat who is a racing demon Burn It Ernie.

There are a plethora of bad boys; The Fender Brothers, Dragstrip, Rocky Davis, Hot Rod Baby, and the Round Up Boys, Race Track. While others crave fun; jump into Ronnie Dee’s auto and its Action Packed, the youngster the Collins Kids want to be sixteen to own a Hot Rod, Donnie And Diane have a Hot Rod Weekend, but life is not all fun and wildlife is dangerous, and Wayne Cochran has from this a Last Kiss.

All tracks on this album have been remastered for the best sound, your ears can hear! Our discs are housed in an attractively designed cardboard sleeve, specially designed to avoid the use of plastic and be environmentally friendly. You are listening to music from the past and preserving the future

The album is designed for home listening, blasting out at an Automobile Show, and is perfect for Dee Jays who within this CD album will find good dance-floor filling songs.

Marcus Juárez
El Paso, Texas
August 2020