What were your first music sounds and when did you decide to work professionally with music?
Well, I’ve started with Elvis! When he died I was only 6 years old but all that commotion caught my attention, and my father gave me my first album “Elvis” wich was his second album, and I got hooked on rock & Roll!!
About working with music I’ve decided after I saw jerry lee lewis live in Nashville on Elvis’ wekk of 1992, and I decided I wnted to play piano, so I came back and my mother gave me a piano, and I tought myself to play with Jerry lee’s bear family box that I’ve bought in Nashville, and cutting a long story short, one year later I started my professional carrer opening for Jerry lee on his Brazilian tour December 1993!

Recently you released a new record ‘’Cruisin’ Around’’. Would you like to tell us a few words about the songs and your collaborators?
Sure!! I’m very proud of this one!! It’s my forth album., first on El Toro Records. I wrote 6 of the songs including our first clip Rock another gal and the next one I got the big eye for you baby, another 5 including the title track were wrote by the British songwriting team of Jim Newcombe & Geoff Taggart, one written by my good friend Kenny Lovelace(Love Adiction) & a few covers from some very obscure like “Later” from the Nashville Singer/drummer Otto  Bash( to stuff like Billy Zoon’s Bad Boy, wich seems to be a favorite with the crownd! Also my friend the great Levi Dexter sang one of the songs among another guests The album is really a party all the way through, and I’m very proud of it!!

You have been in concerts along with rock n roll legends. Do you want to share with us some of these moments?
Yeah! I was fortuneta enough to work along with many of my idols!! Jerry Lee on 1992, 1995 in memphis where i played at his 60th birthday, Bill Haley’s original comets, wich we oured in 1995 in Brazil, James Burton & Kenny Lovelace who recorded with us and toured a couple of times, we also back people up on the brasilian festival Big River(Gizzelle & Mack Stevens, Rosie Flores in Greenbay rockin’ 50’s fest 3 and others, we also shared the bill with dozens of stars from Little Richard Chuck Berry, Wanda Jackson, Roddy Jackson, The cadillacs, The Penguins, The Clovers, Big jay mcNeely, Charlie Gracie, to newer acts like Wayne Hancock, Rockats, Darrell Higham, Lee Rocker, Kin Lenz, Nick Curran and on and on!! Had a great time meeting and watching all those guys perform many are dead now unfortunately like Carl Perkins, Scotty Moore and D J Fontana, Ike Turner, etc…

What is the resonance of rock n roll in Brazil?
Well, we have a scene there since the 80’s and I’ts getin’ bigger all the time with new bands and dj’s and partys, like anywhere in the world we have our difficulties, but we have a few very good bands rockin’ around the world showing that brazil has not only samba and other local rhythms, but we can make some good rockin’ too!! And I have to say we have a tremendously talented young guitar virtuoso my guitar player and who also plays on various other cool bands Ramis Al Bud!! You all will sure hear a lot about this kid in the very near future who’s also a very good singer songwriter DJ and all around musician!!

Which is your favorite rock n roll movies?
The Girl Can’t Help It 1956 and from the newest ones Cry baby

Tell us your plans for the near future.
Well, to tour US and Europe, wich I haven’t been doing in a while, promoting our new album(by the way I would love to play Greece someday, one of the most beautiful places in the world) write some new songs and work on a new album after that, also I’ve just started working on an Elvis tribute album wich will be different than everything before produced by Ramis Al Bud and Phillipe Herman, very excited about that one as well!

Thank you very much for the interview
Thank you very much and a big hello to all the Rockers of Greece!!

Costas Tzanidakis