HOUSE OF LORDS singer, JAMES CHRISTIAN built for himself during the years a reputation as a fine songwriter and producer in his own right. His first solo album "Rude Awakening" was originally released in 1994 and is, to this day, regarded as a musical delight for any lover of first class AOR.

After the return of HOUSE OF LORDS in the early 00’s, JAMES CHRISTIAN released another classy melodic rock album “Meet The Man” in 2004 which featured the songwriting of several AOR luminaries such as Stan Bush, Judithe Randall and his then House of Lords band-mates Chuck Wright and Lanny Cordola. 9 years later - JAMES CHRISTIAN stepped back on the scene with a brand new solo release “Lay It All On Me”, which he recorded and produced in his own studios in Florida during the second part of 2012 and early ’13.

“Craving” is JAMES CHRISTIAN´s brand new release and is his fourth solo album

This long wait for has been worth every drop of sweat and tears spilled these past years since JAMES CHRISTIAN´s superb vocals can really offer the listener a rewarding experience.
With songwriting contributions from Tommy Denander, Chris Pelcer, Jimi Bell, Clif Mag-ness, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Richard Hymas, Charlie Mason and Jeff Kent, “Craving” is a strong personal statement from JAMES CHRISTIAN: a mature artist, songwriter, produc-er and performer who meets his fans with another beautifully crafted melodic rock re-lease.
Get yourself a copy of this album and add this gem to your collection!

1. Heaven Is a Place in Hell
2. Wild Boys
3. Craving
4. Jesus Wept
5. World Of Possibility
6. Sidewinder
7. I won’t Cry
8. If There’s a God
9. Love Is the Answer
10. Black Wasn’t Black
11. Amen

PRODUCED BY: James Christian, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Pete Alpenborg, Clif Ma-gness, Daniel Volpe

James Christian: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocals
Billy Seidman : Additional Acoustic Guitars
Tommy Denander : Guitars, Bass, Keys (Wild Boys, Love Is The Answer, Sidewinder, I Won’t Cry)
Jimi Bell : Guitars (Black Wasn’t Black)
Pete Alpenborg : Guitars and Bass (Jesus Wept)
Alessandro Del Vecchio : Keyboards (Jesus Wept)
Clif Magness : All Instruments (Craving)
Josh Freese : Drums (Craving)

Website: www.jameschristianmusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/james.christian.9406

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